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Today after many bad news in the last 2 years we can inform you that thanks to your unconditional help to our Lomas Los Pinos Foundation two people were able to fulfill their dreams.

DIONY MARTINEZ who at the age of 13 was almost blind and was making every effort to continue studying and one day be a teacher and be able to show other children that they can read and write and above all they can believe in dreams, today I finish the University and finally he is a School Teacher.

You can see in more detail about the case of Dionis Martines by clicking here.

Another very good news is that a child who at only 5 years of age had been diagnosed by doctors with little possibility that he could be like his contemporaries today arrived and surpassed this limit.

After many painful operations, thanks to you and your great effort, WIDELFRY can even compete with many merengue and bachata dancers.

You can see more details about the Widelfry case by clicking here.

Thank you again very much to all of you for your support and may the next few years be better than the last we have spent together and thus also be able to dream of a better future for all of us once again.